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Vintage Finds and Recent Buys

12 Oct

Thrifting is a really cool way to find unique clothing, furniture, and decorative pieces.
As long as you have a good eye and an open mind thrifting can be a great way to expand your closet, find collectibles, and furnish your home.

Yesterday I went to a Vintage warehouse with a close friend. She goes often but it was my first time. It was amazing! I’ve been thrifting before but never at a store that was focused on vintage. She found some beautiful decorative pieces and a rad 80s concert Tee and I bought the following…
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16 Aug

My NYX Lipsticks came in the mail today!
A little soft and melty but they were fine after 30 mins in the fridge.
Overall I’d say they were good. I was pleased with 3/4 of the products I had ordered.
I absolutely love the formula. Opaque, non-sticky, non-drying, glossy. Exactly how I like my lipsticks.
There were some disappointments in regards to color but the quality is great for the price.
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