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What I’m Lusting After…

3 Oct

TOMS Botas ($89)

Petal Grosgrain TOMS ($54)

H&M “By Night”
I don’t know if it’s a collection or just upcoming items but I want them all.
It’s all so me! The pink, the sequins, the satin, the lace, the gold. This collection screams me.
My favorites are the black envelope clutch, the pink velvet dress, and the black lace top dress.

1. Suede Leggings (I also want some velvet leggings!)
2. Leather Shorts
3. Jersey-Knit Skirt
4. Loose sheer tank
5. 3/4-Sleeve Blazer

The upcoming Versace/H&M collection
(Can you tell that I’m in-love with H&M?!)
I’m especially loving the leather Jackets!

The closest H&M is like 4 hours away but I seriously want to go!

Suede peep-toe wedge ankle-boots
These are available on the Target website.


Fall 2011 Trends That I Am Loving (Part 2)

15 Sep

1. Neutrals and Dark colors

I’m currently loving neutral makeup. NOT natural. Neutral tones that can be toned down for a day look and played up for a night look by making it darker or adding shimmer. My favorite eye shadow colors for fall are taupes, bronzes, golds, dark and rich browns, blacks and rose golds. I also like smokey purples and lavenders. Purple is one of my go-to color and really makes my eyes pop. During the summer I used neon purple and plums. For Fall I’m using shimmery lavenders to give a soft smokey effect. I’m still loving nude lips. I think a nude lip can really glam up and polish a make up look. I’m also loving darker nudes, reds, and blacks. I’ve been wearing a filled, arched brow with long lashes and contour instead of blusher.

A makeup collection that I think works really well for Fall is the Sleek Nude Collection. I’m lusting after their Barely There Pout Polish and their Blusher in Suede. Some nude and dark nude lippies that I think will work for different skin tones are NYX’s Thalia, Creamy Beige, Circe, Perfect, Stone, Frosted Flaskes, Iris, Rea, and Ares lipsticks.

I personally like matte or shine lipsticks not frosts, glitters, or iridescent.

The makeup products I’ve been using this month:

The Wet and Wild Vanity Palette
I absolutely LOVE this little eye shadow palette! I bought it in mid July and am hitting pan on the matte shadows! ):
I’m going to buy two next time I see them! They’re available at most drugstores that sell Wet and Wild products but it depends on how many products the store carries. You just have to keep an eye out. For $4-5 this is a steal. The three shadows on the left are matte and the three on the right are shimmery. Depending on how you use it, it can be casual or over the top and glamorous. I use this everyday and use a mix of two darker matte shades for my brows.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London and Tokyo and NYX Round Lipstick in Circe and Paris
As I mentioned in my NYX post, I adore this product! London is beautiful matte nude and Tokyo is a baby pink. I believe they are the two pictured in the center of the picture above or those may be Stockholm and Istanbul which are similar. I like to wear London alone or layered under Tokyo for a pinky-nude. Circe is a true nude that matches my skin perfectly. It gives the effect of a concealer but with great shine. Paris is a Mid-tone pink. I like to wear Circe either layered over top of London or blended together with Paris.

2. Wedges and Platforms

I think wedges and platforms combine fashion and function. They give you height, look fabulous and don’t kill your feet. I’m currently looking for a pair of suede wedges such as the ones in the middle. I’ve been wearing a pair of strappy leather wedges from Target that add about 5 inches to  my height and 3 inch heel leather ankle booties. I look for these at stores like Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx because they often have brands like Steve Madden, Kenneth Cole, and Jessica Simpson for a great price. My Madden Girl ankle boots were only $20 at Ross.

3. Chunky chain jewelery and lots of rings

I’m loving chunky jewelry this season. Lots of chains, studs, mixed metals, crucifixes, and stones. I’m especially loving pewter, bronze and distressed metals. I also like mixing different metals and stones. I feel like it gives an outfit lots of texture which is something I really like in an outfit. Forever 21 is a great place to shop for inexpensive yet on-trend jewelry.

Alright so that’s all I have for today! Hope this inspired someone!


Fall 2011 Trends That I Am Loving (Part 1)

14 Sep

This blog post is about trends and pieces that I am loving for Fall/Autumn 2011. Keep in mind that I live in a very moderate/warm climate so my Fall looks may not be suited for colder climates. I have my own personal style, some people might think it’s tacky, plain, boring, outdated, or whatever but I still hope that some may draw some inspiration. These are just a few for now, I’ll post more during the week and hopefully do some sort of look-book before the end of September. Well, on with it!
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