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The Wanted are going to NYC

5 Oct

The Wanted are going to be performing at the Gramercy Theater in New York City on October 25th!
This is so exciting!
I would KILL to go to this show! I absolutely love The Wanted and I am dying to see them live and this seems like my only chance. My mother is super strict and will probably never let me go. I’ll have to win her over because this seems like the chance of a lifetime. Imagine to be close enough to touch Tom Parker? EEEEP! I would die!

This post really has no purpose other than me fan-girling over The Wanted coming to the states.




12 Aug

So incase you couldn’t tell by the copius amounts of glitter on my face, chest, feet, and in my pants, I went to Ke$ha’s ‘Get Sleazy’ concert!
I went with my best friend and had a BLAST. LMFAO and Ke$ha brought it down. It was an amazing experience. I would recommend both to anyone who loves party/club music. Spank Rock also performed. I had never heard their music before and it was actually really good. I would dance to their music at a club but they had some trouble engaging the crowd.
As far as the crowd goes, they were WILD and a lot of their outfits and makeup were AMAZING!
Random pics after the jump!
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