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What I’m Lusting After…

3 Oct

TOMS Botas ($89)

Petal Grosgrain TOMS ($54)

H&M “By Night”
I don’t know if it’s a collection or just upcoming items but I want them all.
It’s all so me! The pink, the sequins, the satin, the lace, the gold. This collection screams me.
My favorites are the black envelope clutch, the pink velvet dress, and the black lace top dress.

1. Suede Leggings (I also want some velvet leggings!)
2. Leather Shorts
3. Jersey-Knit Skirt
4. Loose sheer tank
5. 3/4-Sleeve Blazer

The upcoming Versace/H&M collection
(Can you tell that I’m in-love with H&M?!)
I’m especially loving the leather Jackets!

The closest H&M is like 4 hours away but I seriously want to go!

Suede peep-toe wedge ankle-boots
These are available on the Target website.


Fall 2011 Trends That I Am Loving (Part 1)

14 Sep

This blog post is about trends and pieces that I am loving for Fall/Autumn 2011. Keep in mind that I live in a very moderate/warm climate so my Fall looks may not be suited for colder climates. I have my own personal style, some people might think it’s tacky, plain, boring, outdated, or whatever but I still hope that some may draw some inspiration. These are just a few for now, I’ll post more during the week and hopefully do some sort of look-book before the end of September. Well, on with it!
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