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What I’m Lusting After…

3 Oct

TOMS Botas ($89)

Petal Grosgrain TOMS ($54)

H&M “By Night”
I don’t know if it’s a collection or just upcoming items but I want them all.
It’s all so me! The pink, the sequins, the satin, the lace, the gold. This collection screams me.
My favorites are the black envelope clutch, the pink velvet dress, and the black lace top dress.

1. Suede Leggings (I also want some velvet leggings!)
2. Leather Shorts
3. Jersey-Knit Skirt
4. Loose sheer tank
5. 3/4-Sleeve Blazer

The upcoming Versace/H&M collection
(Can you tell that I’m in-love with H&M?!)
I’m especially loving the leather Jackets!

The closest H&M is like 4 hours away but I seriously want to go!

Suede peep-toe wedge ankle-boots
These are available on the Target website.



1 Aug

It’s the first of the month!
I love firsts. They give you the opportunity for a fresh start .
I have a bit of self improvement I want to do. I’m working on conquering my fear of driving and obtaining a driver’s permit. Tomorrow I’ll be taking placement tests for the fall semester. I’ve changed majors and am looking to add another language to my repertoire. I am working on becoming financially independent but that’s on the back burner until I’m more settled into school.
I miss who I used to be. I was so energetic and life just seemed more exciting then…. Continue reading

What I’m Lusting After…

30 Jul

Today’s post is about the various things I want in my life. Material things.
These aren’t necessarily things I am going to buy on a whim, but maybe after a while of lusting after them I’ll splurge on a few.
Now because I don’t actually own these items, the images and information provided about these items or products were found either on the manufacturers website or a seller’s website.

Here we go!

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