Vintage Finds and Recent Buys

12 Oct

Thrifting is a really cool way to find unique clothing, furniture, and decorative pieces.
As long as you have a good eye and an open mind thrifting can be a great way to expand your closet, find collectibles, and furnish your home.

Yesterday I went to a Vintage warehouse with a close friend. She goes often but it was my first time. It was amazing! I’ve been thrifting before but never at a store that was focused on vintage. She found some beautiful decorative pieces and a rad 80s concert Tee and I bought the following…

First I bought this fabulous vintage lipstick holder. It is really a stunning piece. It’s an aged gold/bronze color and has detailing featuring lilies. It’s so beautiful and I can’t wait until the day I have a vanity to sit this on. It has five lipstick slots and three skinny slots that I assume could be for lipliner or lip brushes. My current favorite lippies don’t really suit the holder. I want to buy some with a beautiful gold tube. Maybe I’m just using this as an excuse to buy some gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent lippies… The holder was $15 and there were other holders ranging in price from $15-$40.
I think some gorgeous lippies like the YSL lipsticks would suit it beautifully.
I’m going to have to start saving up!

The next thing I picked up was a cute little gold Fleur de Lis pin. It has a pin on the back and a clip to hang a pendant from. It was only $4 which is reasonable for a pin. It reminded me of my French professor who was obsessed with the Fleur de Lis. She had earring, necklaces, tops, dresses, sweaters and wall decor all with the Fleur de Lis on them. I’m going to look for a jeweled pendnt to hang from it to add some bling and in the meantime I will probably pin it to my winter coat.

The last thing I picked up at the Depot was a gold unicorn pendant. Take that in for a second. Gold. Unicorn. Pendant. It is so me! It seems really 80s and cheesy but I love it! I need to find a gold chain to wear it on. I was so excited to find this. I had almost bought a 2 dimensional unicorn necklace at Forever 21 but I’m so glad I decided to wait. This pendant is 3 dimensional, only $8 and I like it a lot more than the F21 version. (P.S. Check out my uber cute Princess Tiana ring only $0.50  ;D)

I’ve bought some other random things here and there but I won’t dwell on them for too long. I got a dark purple lipstick, a black lipstick, some bronzey/distressed gold rings, and some nail varnishes. I’ll probably do a separate post about the lipsticks once I find my camera.

Here are some low quality webcam picture of the lipsticks:

The black lippy is by Black Radiance and is #5024 and the purple is by Wet n Wild and is #919B. I can’t remember the proper names. I love mixing the dark purple with my red lipstick to make a dark raspberry color and dabbing it on like a lip tint. It has a cream finish and can feel a little cakey but has great color pay-off. This is honestly what I expected NYX’s Penelope to be like.  The black I will probably only wear full on for a dramatic look. It has a cream finish and looks almost glossy.

And the rings:

Both are two-finger rings and are from Forever 21. The one on the right can be kind of annoying when at school or trying to do something like type or write but looks great and I’ve been getting lots of compliments on it.

And the nail varnishes:

The black and white are just replacing nail varnishes that either finished or got lost. The grey and grey-brown varnishes are very on-trend for Fall so I thought I’d pick them up. The grey-brown is a little warmer and more purple looking than the other gray- brown that I own. It’s really perfect for Fall it’s not too dark or too light and is just warm enough to suit my skin-tone. It’s also a neutral and suits different styles of dress.
(L to R: Wet n Wild 424A Black Creme, Wet n Wild 449C French White Creme, NYC 246 Park Ave, NYC 270 Sidewalkers)

I used the black, gray, and white varnishes to do this sort of monochromatic Union-Jack inspired nail look pictured above which is a really fun way to wear some of this Fall’s trendy colors like gray and black.

 Please excuse the crappy webcam pictures. My camera is MIA but I wanted to get this post out today.
Hope this was interesting for you!



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