16 Aug

My NYX Lipsticks came in the mail today!
A little soft and melty but they were fine after 30 mins in the fridge.
Overall I’d say they were good. I was pleased with 3/4 of the products I had ordered.
I absolutely love the formula. Opaque, non-sticky, non-drying, glossy. Exactly how I like my lipsticks.
There were some disappointments in regards to color but the quality is great for the price.
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No product.


(ordered online)

Hush is a tinted lip balm. It has a light orangy tint and a minty smell. It’s very moisturizing and so far I love it.

London (without Flash)

London (with Flash)

(bought at ULTA)

London is a “soft matte lipcream”. It applies like a gloss, but looks like a matte lipstick.
I love this product! It’s my go-to lip product.  As you can probably tell, it looks like my natural lip color. It matches my lips PERFECTLY. I wear it to even out discoloration or dryness on my lips when I don’t want to wear any colors on my lips. I also blend it with Circe to get a less harsh nude.

Circe (no flash)

Circe (with flash)

(bought at ULTA)

 Circe has become my absolute favorite nude lippie. It isn’t drying or too yellow like like Revlon’s Nude Attitude and is more pigmented than Revlon’s Soft Nude (my previous favorite)
I like to wear this over London for a more natural looking nude lip. My lips are very pigmented so I love how opaque Circe is.

Paris (no flash)

Paris (with flash)

Paris (with flash)

(ordered online)

Paris is a pretty Barbie pink. I’m not sure how I’ll wear this, but I’ve been looking for a pink like this. I have Revlon’s Pink Pout but it’s very drying and a little light for my skin tone.

Scylla (no flash)

Scylla (with flash)

(ordered online)

The infamous Scylla….is actually a beautiful color. It isn’t what I wanted but it’s a rich burnt orange that could work for Fall. I just need to find the right look to wear it with. I’m not usually into browns or oranges but it does look nice on.

 Now this next lipstick was the most disappointing makeup purchase I have ever made…. look at your own risk!

Penelope (no flash)

Penelope (with flash)

(ordered online)

Penelope, Penelope. I thought you would be my favorite lipstick out of the bunch I ordered online….but you are by far my greatest disappointment. When I first pulled Penelope out of the package I noticed two things. First, it was the only NYX lipstick I had ever seen with a seal over the opening. Second, the preview on the bottom was a dark purple with a bit of a blue shimmer. I was disappointed to see that it wasn’t going to be a shiny black with the same consistency and shine as the others. I was willing to accept the way it looked even though I hate shimmery lipsticks. Then disaster struck. When I applied it to my lips, this ugliness came out. It was kinda sheer and uneven. No matter how I tried to layer it it wouldn’t go on smooth or opaque. ):
I might try to save Penelope from the trash bin by layering it over a berry lipstick or another black lipstick.
I was really hoping this would be a beautiful black lipstick and I’m extremely disappointed with this one.
I’ll just have to suck it up and order Tarred from OCC.

From now on I will only buy NYX lippies at ULTA where I can actually see them.



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