12 Aug

Now this is a celebrity crush I’ve had for just under a year now.
Some of you may be familiar with the British pop band The Wanted. My best friend Courtney introduced me to them my freshman year of college and I’ve been obsessed ever since! Now any one of those gorgeous lads would be crush worthy but one TW man has had my heart since the beginning…

Which could it be?!

Find out after the jump!

My celebrity crush is….

Tom Parker

Now, every TW fangirl has her favorite. And even though I love ALL these boys, I’ll always have a sweet spot for Tom. He’s just so funny and adorable! (Also his accent reminds me of Lauren Socha!)
His personality really shines through in the band’s #wanted wednesday videos on youtube. He’s just a big cute dork.
He’s 23 years old. According to the official TW website he’s from Bolton, loves parots, Reeboks, and Oasis. He also has Hazel eyes ;D
Seriously ladies, he’s a dream.
You should check out his twitter: @TomTheWanted
and The Wanted youtube channel: TheWantedMusic


 [All images used were found on Google and are property of their respective owners]


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