11 Aug

This is just a quick rant about my recent experience with NYX cosmetics and their online shop.
This has nothing to do with the quality of their products.

Last Thursday I ordered some lipsticks from the NYX cosmetics website and I was pretty pleased with my order until I learned that their swatches were completely off! I ordered Penelope, Paris, and Scylla. Penelope is a black lipstick, Paris APPEARED to be a bright pink, and Scylla LOOKED like a slightly darker nude that would suit my skin tone perfectly! Well, at least NYX’s swatch did….

These are their swatches:

(Paris, Penelope, and Scylla)

After submitting my order, I started snooping around to see if I could get an estimate on when I should expect my order (I’ll get to my issues with that later). After finding out some information about their shipping schedule I decided to look up some info on the lipsticks I ordered.
I found various swatches on youtube and on forums in different lighting.
Here someone has various swatches of NYX products including Scylla:
Paris is off but I can deal with it because it’s still a pretty pink color but Scylla on the other hand is not a beautiful nude but instead a DARK ORANGE. What on earth am I going to do with a dark orange lipstick?! So I immediately emailed customer service to see if I could cancel or edit my order. According to the shipping info on their site my order wouldn’t be shipped until the following Tuesday so I was hoping someone could help me. I was mistaken. I did not hear back from their customer service until today. It has been a week! They tell me that my order was just shipped today (Thursday, 2 days after it was SUPPOSED to be shipped!) and therefore can not be cancelled. How convenient that they just happened to read my email right after it shipped. I wouldn’t have minded them just not being able to cancel my order, but taking a week to respond to me seems absurd.
Needless to say I will NEVER order from their website again.

I will do a review of the products whenever they come in (which according to their website takes 10 days but I’ve learned you can’t trust their information…).
I also have a review coming up of my Urban Decay products that came last Thursday and some NYX products I bought from ULTA. 😉


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