1 Aug

It’s the first of the month!
I love firsts. They give you the opportunity for a fresh start .
I have a bit of self improvement I want to do. I’m working on conquering my fear of driving and obtaining a driver’s permit. Tomorrow I’ll be taking placement tests for the fall semester. I’ve changed majors and am looking to add another language to my repertoire. I am working on becoming financially independent but that’s on the back burner until I’m more settled into school.
I miss who I used to be. I was so energetic and life just seemed more exciting then….

Why can’t I be this girl anymore?
I’m hoping that maybe a bit of a makeover will get me back to that place. Maybe cut and dye my hair or something. Maybe it’s being home. My parents drive me up the wall and I’ve barely done anything I like. No clubbing. No partying. NO HOT GUYS. This summer has been a bummer and hopefully this month I’ll turn it around.




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