What I’m Lusting After…

30 Jul

Today’s post is about the various things I want in my life. Material things.
These aren’t necessarily things I am going to buy on a whim, but maybe after a while of lusting after them I’ll splurge on a few.
Now because I don’t actually own these items, the images and information provided about these items or products were found either on the manufacturers website or a seller’s website.

Here we go!

-OCC Lip Tars-
Specifically: Trick, Trollop, and Tarred.
The first is a darker nude that seems like it would suit my skin tone well, the second is a dark bubblegum pink, and the last is a true black. What draws me to this product is the fact that it offers OPAQUE color. I have very pigmented lips so it is hard for me to find a lip product that would completely cover them. It’s also nice to see a quality black lip product instead a cheap Halloween lipstick.  This product is also vegan and cruelty free which is a nice bonus.

-BH Cosmetics 88 Color Matte Palette-
What really excites me about this eyeshadow palette is that all the colors are completely MATTE. I love matte shadows. The second most exciting thing is the price 88 shadows for less than $20! It’s a steal. I’ve seen countless reviews on their website and on youtube and decided that I am in love. The neutrals are great for contouring and natural looks and then those bright colors are perfect for getting creative and edgy!


-New Adult Circle Lens-

For the longest time I have wanted a pair of circle lenses but unfortunately could not find a pair of PRESCRIPTION lenses!
Finally I found a youtube user who also needed prescrition lenses and he refered me to Pinky Paradise ! After browsing through their beautiful collection of lenses I found the New Adult lenses which were EXACTLY what I was looking for. Now I just have to decide on a color. I can go natural and get the golden brown lenses, or be wild and get the green ones. I want them all!

So those are the three products I am currently obsessed with. None of these are too pricey but they involve ordering online which I don’t have the best history with. I f I do buy one of these products (hopefully in the near future) I’ll be sure to review it on here.



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